Photo by Yosuke Owashi


  • 2022
  • Medical Device

The Blood GA Analyser for Provigate marks an important step forward in the management of diabetic patients. GA (Glycoalbumin) is an alternative marker of glucose monitoring and may be more useful than HbA1c (Glycated Hemoglobin) in evaluating short-term glycemic changes. This device should be able to simplify the life of diabetic subjects and its design was achieved keeping in mind, during the whole process, three fundamental words: Honest, User-Friendly and Gentle. Except for the display and the back cover, the body doesn't have any flat surface, obtaining an overall soft feeling. Conceived for clinics and hospitals, thanks to the curved surfaces, the device looks even more compact than it is and its pure and honest appearance blends in every environment. The product is user-friendly for doctors and at the same time has a kind of familiar appearance which also puts patients at ease. The angled touch screen panel was carefully considered to be easily used both when sitting or standing. Its high gloss finishing creates a pleasant contrast with the matte body panels. In the front, a small door hides the slot for the samples testing cartridge, while in the back ports for power cable, usb, etc. found place. The ports are moved inward to let the device be placed as close as possible to a wall.

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