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  • 2021
  • Tableware

The project was born with the aim of designing a plate that could communicate better the pairing of different soy sauces with food and to promote the producers behind them, delivering a tasting experience. The main feature was to split the plate in three compartments so that different soy sauces could have been enjoyed in a single plate without getting mixed. The plate's clean presence is the result of a long development, where every detail has been perfected with the purpose of the function and optimisation of the production process. It is produced in the Hasami area, one of the most important in Japan for the production of ceramics. The size was carefully considered in order to contain the right amount of soy sauce but without interfering on the table with other tableware. The curvature of the containers allows one to enjoy the right amount of soy sauce, as a barely visible dent in the section minimises the excess of sauce. The "bridge" shape has the purpose to allow placing an explanation sheet underneath it, to suggest the best pairing with the food served, as well as information about the typology of sauces and producers. Stackability was another feature to keep in mind and every detail, from the tapered edges of the long sides to the slight curvature on the short ones, delivers a secure and tidy feeling when more plates are stored. The tapered edges also facilitate holding and moving the plate around, while working as structural elements. The plate, with its design resulting from an accurate development and without any unnecessary decoration, aims to become a standard in its category.

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