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Aizuya opened a new store in July 2021 following the redevelopment of the area in front of Kasuga / Korakuen station in Tokyo. With a history that goes back to 1717 when Aizuya opened the first store, the tableware store in the Bunkyo area of Tokyo has been loved by the local people since 1911.

The concept for the design of the new store was to retain the dignity of Aizuya's 300+ years old history and to reflect the cheerful atmosphere of the owner Koichiro Sugita in the space. The stores that have been in business until now are lined with display shelves in various finishes that give a sense of history and Kobayashi embraced the desire of the owner to continue using those display shelves that he had been using for many years.

Aizuya selects works by various artists, in a range of different materials such as ceramic, glass and Japanese lacquer.
To showcase in the best way such a variety of products, the interior design presents a neutral atmosphere.

As the display shelves had different finishes, the store owner himself and the design team sanded them, in order to reveal the natural wood underneath and give a sense of unity. This allowed them to match also with the newly manufactured furniture and table used for the space, as they were made of oak.
The result was a natural harmony of the tone for the entire space.

The large table located in the center of the store is set up so that customers can experience how the vessel looks and feels at home. At the same time it symbolizes the store owner's feelings of giving joyful time to their lives through the vessels.




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