Photo by Yosuke Owashi


  • IKI by TAKATA Lemnos
  • 2022
  • Stool

Kon is the newborn item of the Iki collection for Lemnos. It is a small stool perfect for the entrance hall, yet suitable for any room of private or public spaces. Its clean shape is highlighted by high quality materials such as polished stainless steel for the legs and either natural wood, leather or textile for the seat. In addition to the basic version, it is available with a leather basket under the seat that enhances its character and function, adding some storage where it is possible to keep slippers, shoehorns or any small object. Kon blends in the environment seamlessly, becoming the perfect piece of furniture for everyday use. Its compact size allows it to fit everywhere, as well as becoming easy to move around the space if needed.

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