• 2022
  • Bed

Azure is a high-end modern bed designed not only for quality sleeping time, but also to add comfort to the activities we do before sleeping such as watching TV, reading books, etc. This is enhanced by the voluminous headboard cushions, which exceed in height the wooden headboard, creating a relaxing seating position similar to a sofa. To avoid gaps between them and the headboard, the cushions are flat on the back side, but curved on the front to gently embrace the body. The bed's proportions are the result of an accurate research to find balance between frame, mattress and cushion and communicate an inviting atmosphere, The combination of wood, metal, fabric and leather enriches its luxurious presence and options such as bedside tables and footboard extend the functionality. The tapered edges of the frame give a sense of lightness to the bed even though its generous dimensions. Thanks to the possibility to choose between different materials and sizes, the bed is suitable for any bedroom.

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